The Bryans Brood

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update...Since it has been forever!

I admit it...I totally forgot that I had a blog! It has been so long since I posted. The last month is due to our computer being broken but thanks to Uncle Chris it is back up and going :) so I guess I will just memo some updates and random things!
Well Summer is here.....along with heat and total boredom(or what the kids think). Sometimes I am convinced they think money grows on trees because everday it is "lets go to Six flags" "lets go to Jumping Beans" "lets go to the movies" Those are just a couple. We have enjoyed the pool, swim parks and dollar movies! Rio in 3D was amazing! Hop is scheduled for tomorrow. Memo:save money by sneaking in your own food! :):) :) Overall it has been a pretty awesome summer so far. Devry arrived last week to stay until the begining of August and the kids sleep until atleast 8 or 9 everyday! HUGE WOOHOO! Lauren of course sleeps until I make her wake up. She is my heavy sleeper for sure. I guess that balances out Caydes sleep disorder, maybe? Devry loves to cook so breakfast has fallen on him in the morning. He is up bright eyed and bushy tailed and instead of a simple breakfast he goes all out and enjoys it! HUGE WOOHOO for me again! Todd is buried up to his eyeballs at work as always. I truly value that man as a husband, daddy and amazing provider! No matter how rocky things get he is the balance in our family and I love him for that! Most people dont get lucky at a Army Club on a week night but I DID!!!! what else.....vacation last week. Went all over the state of Texas in a matter of days. Stayed in a cabin in Kingsland and it was beyond amazing! Then Space Center in Houston was awesome, Six Flags and the River Walk. Swimming on the roof of the hotel was awesome! Kids had a blast but above everything else we got to spend an entire week with the Stewarts which is something we have never done! It was truly a blessing! This weekend I have no idea what is in store for us but I am sure these 3 little monsters in our house will have us on the go as always!!! ok-im off for now....dinner, baths, bed, ME TIME.....MUAH

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obviously my parents taught me something

Look 2 posts in one day. I am on a roll.

My parents taught me a lot growing up but sometimes I ponder what actually was absorbed and what went in one ear and out the other. If nothing else I did learn one thing. Fire is always dangerous!
Playing with fire: I was always taught to not play with fire. Always! I don't recall a moment as a child where I got in trouble playing with matches, lighters, etc. Mind you I am sure I was into something else but fire was not something I was interested in. My husband on the other hand I am sure was told time and time again that fire was dangerous but he managed to light a field on fire by his house and who knows what other things he "burned" without his mother knowing. Maybe his knowledge in being a pyromaniac paid off because the last couple days would have been very chilly with out him! Even with our heater on the house is still a little chilly in some areas. Several times over the last couple days I have called Todd for directions on how to build a fire. Even having him drive home from work on his lunch hour to build it himself. This was the day our heater was broke so I had a valid reason for taking him away from his busy schedule. Anyways, Yesterday I tried once again to build a fire to no avail. Even with fire starter pieces and matches the size of a pencil , I couldn't do it. Then today low and behold what is laying next to the fireplace. An entire starter log! The size of actual wood! (did he leave this here to help or is he making fun of the fact that I am not a seasoned pyromaniac???)Needless to say I have a great fire going in the living room. But lets not mention that I took the log out of the bag when there is a diagram of the bag being lit on fire! But Hey, it is working, the fire is going and I didn't even burn myself once!


OK, That's it! I admit it! I failed at being a professional blogger! I have been going through several blogs of people I know and they are so "on top of it" while I sit here with random thoughts in my head that never make it to the computer. I am not sure why? Maybe because I am not a very witty person, or maybe I think that my life is not that interesting. Or who wants to read what I have to say? Maybe there is someone out there that cares about the daily life of a Mommy/Wife/Friend...who knows?????

Well today I actually made the step of going to the YMCA and inquiring about being a member. I use to love when we were members of the YMCA in RR before the HUGE additions so I can only imagine how awesome it is now. But as you can all tell I am not exactly a "work out junkie." It could be easily noticed by the 44 oz. soda I carry in my hand daily, the growth that follows me everywhere I go(don't try to say you don't know what I am talking about....MY BUTT!) or the fact that if I want Sonic tater tots, some amazing cookies from MacDonald's or an entire box of cinnasticks from Gattis by goly I am going to eat it! I have never been a healthy eater and by no means is that acceptable. I am going out on a limb here and admitting my weight on a public website....170! Yes....170 pounds of tater tots, Sodas, Redbulls, and whatever else seems tasty that day. After my children I managed to get down to 150, of course working at a daycare and chasing children was a huge part plus the stress of going through the ADHD diagnosis for Cayde was another but either way I was 10 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant with Cayde. I was even in my "goal" Lucky jeans that cost over 100$, and we all know I don't spend 100$ on anything. Anyhow....back to what I was saying. I feel blessed that thankfully weight has never been an issue. I see shows such as "I use to be Fat" and "Heavy" and say to myself "If they can do by golly I CAN!" There is no reason why I can't get up off my tush and make myself healthier! There is NO EXCUSE! So today while waiting to pick up Cayde I made a goal chart! I am determined to stop my soda addiction, unhealthy yet tasty food addiction, and start working out! Now I just have to prove to Todd that I will stick to it and follow through. Lets see if I can come up with a plan so in a month I can convince him that we need a gym membership and we will actually use it this time!!! to make my goal chart on a HUGE poster board because I am anal like that :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby Camryn

Tonight my mother, sister, brother, Katy and I made a trip to Dell Childrens Hospital to see baby Camryn. As most of you might know she is my baby cousin who was born in August, 2 months early. When she was born she had to have surgery for Hydrocephalus, which is a build up of fluid around the skull. After having the surgery to help make her better she stayed at the hospital until late October. Then she was released. Her mom said she was a happy baby, content, ate well, etc. Last week she went in for one of her regular MRI appointments to make sure the shunt was working properly. At this time they stated it was over working and had caused a brain bleed and they needed to go in and replace it with a different shunt. After she was admitted to the hospital she tested positive for RSV, got a infection in her brain, started having seizures, now has 30 brain bleeds, which she DID NOT have on the MRI just a couple days prior, she also now has a collapsed lung. The magnitude of her illness really hit me tonight when I got to see her. She cant be held and has more monitors, cords, wires connected to her than I have ever seen in my life. She is too precious to go through this! Her little nose is the tinest nose I have ever seen in my life, her little chunky cheeks are swollen, she has a little fat roll on her thight, her itty bitty hands were a magnet to me rubbing them. She is just so tiny....At only 11 pounds she sure is a fighter! She is highly sedated as she is intubated(sp??) but I just know that she can feel and hear everyone. Her mommy sings, reads and talks to her all day in the hopes that she will keep fighting and know that she is loved more than she can ever imagine. Tomorrow they are going to remove the drains from her head because they are starting to get red and inflamed which could cause another infection and the Dr.s said her chance of making it through another infection is very slim. So please pray a million times over that tomorrow she does ok. I have a lot of faith but sometimes it gets tested. when I saw over 30 small children in the ICU and this little baby, my cousin is listed in the top 3 in critical condition. It hurt beyond measure. I cant even being to imagine what her Mommy and Daddy are feeling. My heart breaks for her and for her mom, dad and brother. No one ever should have to go through this. Christy said to me "the last time I held her is when I handed her to the surgeon and had I known that a small surgery would turn into this I would have held her longer" Her words went right to my heart. Not only the pain because this little baby girl is my cousin but because this little baby girl deserves a fair chance to experience life and to run and play and be picked on by her rough and tough big brother. She deserves that. Please continue to pray for this family. Think of them daily and keep them in your prayers. They need strength, guidance, and peace. Thanks so much for everyone that has called, texted, FB about her. Everyone asks me daily what the status is and even people that dont even know her or her parents. The power of prayer is AMAZING so please keep them coming in!!!! Love- J :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amazing conversation

So yesterday I took the kids shopping with the money that Granny Reba sent them for Christmas. While we were driving from one store to the next their choice of conversation had my laughing so hard I almost couldn't drive. So here are several words spoken from those cute kiddos of mine.

Lauren "mom when you lived in Korea was it far for you to fly to outter space, then to Korea then to Hutto?"
Cayde "Lauren the reason that you get presents is because Santa makes them but if you don't listen he will forget to make your stuff."
Lauren "mom, where were we when you were a kid?"
Cayde replies " Lauren we were in heaven and Jesus was making us, duhh?"
Cayde "mom if this planet is round then why are the roads flat?"
Lauren "Cayde this land that you call a planet is called a globe in my classroom."
Cayde "mom, where is Korea? Is it on the other side of the world? Is it another planet?"
Cayde "mom can you tell us stories from when you were a kid?"
Lauren "did you play baseball at the same field as me mom, the field that i dont like?"

Of course these are just several quotes that I actually remember. The variety of questions that they ask amazes me everyday. Lauren is generally the one asking the questions and Caydes response is always in a bossy tone with DUHH added to the end. Everyday there is an argument over what #x#= and each time i finally give them the answer they tell me NO mom that is not I didnt learn that a million, and i mean million years ago in grade school. Sometimes the things I hear them say has me laughing so hard that they think I am laughing at them so I have to explain that it is not at them I'm laughing at what they said. Amazing how those little bitty brains can store so much information, good and bad :)
Lately I have considered buying a set of baby monitors so I can put them in their rooms when I am in another room just to hear exactly what kids talk about. Their conversations always have a way of making me giggle like a kid and remember things i believed as a child :) Childlike faith is something I wish stayed with us forever.

Well....i know that was a random post but I have a ton todo to prepare for the kids school parties tomorrow :) Have a great evening and GOD BLESS!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The idea of a Blog and the pitter patter of Tatum Marie

Well, I am not exactly sure what made me want to do a blog. Maybe it was the idea of keeping family and friends informed from afar, maybe to work on my grammar skills because for some reason in the 10 years since I graduated apparently I forgot how to use proper English or spell things right, maybe to voice my optinion or views on certain things, maybe to get things off my chest.....WHO KNOWS? Either way here I am. I am looking at my computer wondering what can I blog about, what is interesting or what people might want to read. When infact there is no direct purpose of my blog. So here ya go....there I go saying ya...its a texas thing :) moving on.....(ADHD had me there for a minute)

So this last week I have been keeping my niece Tatum who is almost 2. She is a mini-version of her mommy 100%! So much that last night in her ohh so very grumpy mood and a sour look on her face I said "Tatum you look so much like your mommy I could pinch you." her response was " WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She literally burts into tears when I said that. Of course I would never pinch her so I am lead to believe that her emotions were running high since she refused to nap earlier in the day. So...anyways. She has been with me since Sunday afternoon. And keep in mind this child is by far the happiest child I have ever seen. She is very content. So having an almost 2 year old, a 4 1/2 year old and a 6 year old has been entertaining and hard work to say the least. We have had several fights from Lauren refusing to let Tatum play in her room because "she stuck my barbies head in the toilet" to Cayde threatening to "spank" Tatum because she poked him in the back with a staple puller(not sure where she found it at) and all the way to Tatum actually getting put in time out for slamming Laurens head in the door(yep thats right, a little midget child compared to Lauren managed to slam the door on Laurens head...and I look up to see Laurens head wedged between the door frame and the door as Tatum continues to push from the other side) So from good to bad to ugly this week has been very entertaining. We have  had a lot of fun but for sure I know why Todd and I only had 2 children. Cayde is kinda = to 2 kids and lately Lauren is = to 3 so all in all I think 2 was a perfect number for us :) With that said the kids have very much enjoyed Tatum and her itty bitty body running around the house talking to herself. She has been calling me Momma, I assume because my kids call me that all day but either way I answer her when she yells my name. She has enjoyed her Bubba(Uncle Todd) very much. He does not handle her 2 minutes of crying at bedtime as he wants to run in there and just hold her but so far he has refrained from spoiling her too bad. It has been a great week and I will be sad to see her leave with MiMi and Poppy tomorrow. It is her birthday weekend so she has to go make her grand appearance and be spolied rotten by everyone that will attend. So for my little Tatum Marie....Momma(Auntie Jeeka) loves you very much! You are my little mini-hot-mess and I hope you have a super duper birthday!
Ok, Lauren is bouncing on my head to play Polly Pocket on the computer so I am signing off for now!! Happy Thursday